Not a toy

I'm not a toy, yet everyone seems to think so. I'm a girl. a human. with feelings. you know? Everyone thinks i'm the "newest-hottest" toy on the market. Gives me all the love and nonstop attention but then, a week later or so.. a "newer" and "cooler" toy comes along with a better sight to [...]


Naked Desert Fairy

Something about the desert being so therapeutic ahhh the peaceful desert sand and the beaming sun. Can always escape to the good old Sonoran desert for a weekend away from the hectics of reality. When i'm in the desert I feel so free like nothing can stop me here. Kinda like when people are in [...]

Make up dupes

How to look fabulous while on a budget. If you would like to know a few make up dupes that can save your wallet well continue reading. All the dupes are ELF products which are fairly cheap. ELF cosmetics are found at variety of stores, target being the store that sells the most ( I [...]