First Snowfall living in NYC as an adult

Wow! My first snowfall living in New York! Today I woke up not expecting anything more than chilly ugly winter weather but was pleasantly surprised when i rolled over and saw from the slight space between the blinds and window sill that there was white falling from the sky and not just any type of … Continue reading First Snowfall living in NYC as an adult


The funk i’m stuck in

lately i've been stuck in this funk. i'm not sure why, well actually i kinda do but it's a long story. i don't know how to get out of it though. i've been feeling quite lost in life. i feel as if i'm suppose to have it all together, yet i have no clue what … Continue reading The funk i’m stuck in

35mm Subway Rides

Beginning of August, 2017. Subway rides all over. Starting point Midtown. Subways are my favorite thing about living in NYC. If you live in New York and you think you're too good to ride a subway then you suck. (haha but seriously) Why uber when you can hope on a subway for $2.75 a pop? … Continue reading 35mm Subway Rides

35mm Tompkins Park

August 17, 2017. Walking through the streets of the lower east side to head over to my friends apartment. Lovely apartment directly across from Tompkins Park. Street art on every corner in New York City inspires me. 2nd avenue/10th street. East Village. St. Mark's. East Village. Love wins. Tamago. Mike's cat. Mike's apartment.