Loveeee + some film

A random mess of thoughts.. being in love is a scary feeling, quite frankly being in love is just frightening all around. like being so vulnerable and open to another individual is so scary. sharing your most intimate and darkest secrets. those thoughts that never left your body are now being told to and spoken … Continue reading Loveeee + some film


Not easy to love

I'm not very easy to love. I know that. I'm sorry. I have tried to change hopes it'll be easier for somebody to love me. I know i'm not perfect and I know i'm a mess.. and a lot more work than your last was. But i'm worth it.. I promise. But i understand … Continue reading Not easy to love


Your first heartbreak will haunt you forever. For the following years to come. It will always follow, lingering behind in your memory. With each step you take it is right there behind you, secretly keeping you company. No matter how far you travel. Distance doesn't bother heartbreak. Your first lover... you'll never forget them. You'll … Continue reading Firsts