i'm home sick and don't know where to go i don't know where home is maybe i'm just sick then home sick minus the home  


He won. I lost.

all i'll ever be to men is an object i don't understand. i am more. so much more than just tits and a vagina. i am a human. a little girl. with feelings. i feel. i crave. i hurt. you don't own me. i am not your doll. not your toy. you don't get to … Continue reading He won. I lost.

Mixing signals like drinks

You confuse me mixed signals an understatement but i am okay for now because mixing signals like drinks makes my head all dizzy but in a fun bubbly kind of way like having had one sip too much champange being giggly and tipsy without knowing what you're actually feeling and what the intoxication is whispering … Continue reading Mixing signals like drinks

35mm Subway Rides

Beginning of August, 2017. Subway rides all over. Starting point Midtown. Subways are my favorite thing about living in NYC. If you live in New York and you think you're too good to ride a subway then you suck. (haha but seriously) Why uber when you can hope on a subway for $2.75 a pop? … Continue reading 35mm Subway Rides