First Snowfall living in NYC as an adult

Wow! My first snowfall living in New York! Today I woke up not expecting anything more than chilly ugly winter weather but was pleasantly surprised when i rolled over and saw from the slight space between the blinds and window sill that there was white falling from the sky and not just any type of … Continue reading First Snowfall living in NYC as an adult


Bath GossipĀ 

Draw yourself a bath while you wait for the water to boil in the kettle for your herbal tea.  Put on some old tunes, slowly shut the lights, and light a candle.  Relaxing. Now you have your tea in one hand and your Osho book in the other you're all set for a girls night … Continue reading Bath GossipĀ 

Naked Desert Fairy

Something about the desert being so therapeutic ahhh the peaceful desert sand and the beaming sun. Can always escape to the good old Sonoran desert for a weekend away from the hectics of reality. When i'm in the desert I feel so free like nothing can stop me here. Kinda like when people are in … Continue reading Naked Desert Fairy