35mm wine wednesdays

January 2017. It's Wednesday and we have a bottle of wine. Wine Wednesdays. Drove up to our favorite parking spot on top of the parking garage. Popped down and drank some cheap wine. Giggled a little then tipsily walked downtown to get some french fries. Classy.Not.Forgetting.Sad? Nah.


35mm Merry F-ing Christmas

December 24, 2016. Christmas is a huge celebration in my household. I mean we are Italians from New York. You kinda have to be extra festive. It's like expected. Except this year, sadly. My family was fighting. Mainly them against me. December was an extremely fragile month for me. I was on the verge of [...]

35mm Desert queen

January 2017. I am the queen of this deserted desert I call home. This small boiling desert is my comfort hole. Bit of country. I love that yellow wall. Best breakfast in town. Too low-key.Rocks. Rocks. Rocks.Rocks once more.S Cahuilla Road.Burnth down church. PS Taken JAN. 2017.Old fashion cars are my favorite. And that color. wow.these [...]

35mm Random roll

2016/2017. Random photos from a random roll. Airbnb. Country club. Summer 2016.Bananas. Summer 2016. Airbnb. Country club. Tits out for harambe ??Purpz hair. November 2016.Mirrored pics in thrift shops. January 2017.Airplane rides to JFK. Window seats only. February 2017.

35mm Friendz

2016/2017. Random photos from a random roll of film. Max Angles. Palm Springs. His Jeep December 2016.More Max. 2016.Everett. My bedroom. My sunnies. November 2016.More Everett. In his car. January 2017.Antonio. my bedroom. February 2017.

35mm Los Angeles

Summer July 2016. Airbnb in Los Angeles. LA is nothing special to me especially since I use to live out there but there are some pretty chill spots. And of course it's a nice cool break from the desert heat. Airbnb. Thrifted green top. Dark sunglasses.Sliding through.Los Angeles streets.Lil Tokyo / Los Angeles. Lil Tokyo.Grand [...]

35mm Positivity and Love

January 28, 2017. One of mine and my sister favorite thing to do is just walk the back streets of downtown Palm Springs. We live right downtown so it's right there. Typically we grab a drink at a local coffee shop, this day I had gotten a cold brew with almond milk and Christina got [...]