Vigorous girl

I'm a vigorous girl


Kissing the West Coast goodbye

Impulsively hoping on a plane to the east coast,packing all your belongings in 5 suitcases and a carry on. man crazy. living on the edge. kissed the west coast good bye saying hello to this chilly east coast i know a little too well. new york didn't welcome me to nicely. but it's okay. new [...]

Naked Desert Fairy

Something about the desert being so therapeutic ahhh the peaceful desert sand and the beaming sun. Can always escape to the good old Sonoran desert for a weekend away from the hectics of reality. When i'm in the desert I feel so free like nothing can stop me here. Kinda like when people are in [...]

Fourth of July!

Fourth of July! by giannaluciaa featuring leather sandals   White shirt $98 - Maurices denim vest STELLA McCARTNEY blue jeans Wildfox swim wear $110 - Boohoo denim shorts Balenciaga sandals Vince leather sandals