i'm home sick and don't know where to go i don't know where home is maybe i'm just sick then home sick minus the home  


The funk i’m stuck in

lately i've been stuck in this funk. i'm not sure why, well actually i kinda do but it's a long story. i don't know how to get out of it though. i've been feeling quite lost in life. i feel as if i'm suppose to have it all together, yet i have no clue what … Continue reading The funk i’m stuck in

35mm Doodles in the Park

May 9, 2017 Wondering around the hot desert with my sister. We both got our journals in one hand and our cameras hanging from our necks. After spotting a nice big shady tree, we both plop down and anxiously begin doodling and snapping polaroids. Made some lovely insect friends, we were surrounded by a family … Continue reading 35mm Doodles in the Park