Kissing the West Coast goodbye

Impulsively hoping on a plane to the east coast,packing all your belongings in 5 suitcases and a carry on. man crazy. living on the edge. kissed the west coast good bye saying hello to this chilly east coast i know a little too well. new york didn't welcome me to nicely. but it's okay. new … Continue reading Kissing the West Coast goodbye


Naked Desert Fairy

Something about the desert being so therapeutic ahhh the peaceful desert sand and the beaming sun. Can always escape to the good old Sonoran desert for a weekend away from the hectics of reality. When i'm in the desert I feel so free like nothing can stop me here. Kinda like when people are in … Continue reading Naked Desert Fairy

Los Angeles

Los Angeles. Oh LA. How the people here think so differently from the rest of the world. Reality is not a thing here. Everyone here lives in a world of $16 juices that taste like crap and vegan + gluten free cookies. Everyone here is in their own fairy world. No, I am not bashing … Continue reading Los Angeles