The Whitney Roll

I've been dying to go to Whitney museum downtown mainly because a photographer mentioned how I should do a shoot there next to the pink squares because well my hairs pink and ever since I've been dreaming' bout those giant pink squares! I never really looked into the Whitney museum, I wanted to check it … Continue reading The Whitney Roll


35mm Doodles in the Park

May 9, 2017 Wondering around the hot desert with my sister. We both got our journals in one hand and our cameras hanging from our necks. After spotting a nice big shady tree, we both plop down and anxiously begin doodling and snapping polaroids. Made some lovely insect friends, we were surrounded by a family … Continue reading 35mm Doodles in the Park

35mm Brooklyn Waterfront

August 6, 2017. I often find myself wondering the streets of Brooklyn at all hours of the night. Something about Brooklyn inspires me. It gives me such inspiration each street. Especially at night. This day I came early in the morning to write and sit by the waterfront. This pot is my favorite, it's so … Continue reading 35mm Brooklyn Waterfront

35mm Holy cannoli

June 9, 2017. Little Italy was my place growing up (being an Italian new yorker) So obviously i'm there often in search for spumoni, terrone, and cannoli's! I am not a big sweet person but I would do bad things for a scoop of spumoni. Italian pastries have a special place in my tummy. Other … Continue reading 35mm Holy cannoli

35mm Midnight to Morning LA

May 16, 2017. Midnight wandering Pacific Palisades. To Sunset blvd. we go in search for some vegan ice cream to fix our cravings. No luck on the vegan ice cream and 12am in the fast asleep neighborhood. Over-sized flannels and docs are my go to. Especially since I don't have to wear pants 😉 Cheesing … Continue reading 35mm Midnight to Morning LA