Washington Square on Film

Guys, honestly in all of New York City my favorite favoriteeee favorite area is Washington Square Park/Greenwich area. I am just so in awe of the vibe there. First of all the park is amazing, It's semi small like compared to Central Park but there's some much going on music, art, creativity is flowing throughout … Continue reading Washington Square on Film


A Jersey summer day

Mid-August hot summer day visiting Grandma up in Jersey. Left the city for a break from the chaos and humidity. Summer in the city is awful, well it's nice but like too many bodies in too little space, everyone's sweating and pushing each other. and don't even get me started about riding the subways in … Continue reading A Jersey summer day

The Whitney Roll

I've been dying to go to Whitney museum downtown mainly because a photographer mentioned how I should do a shoot there next to the pink squares because well my hairs pink and ever since I've been dreaming' bout those giant pink squares! I never really looked into the Whitney museum, I wanted to check it … Continue reading The Whitney Roll

35mm wine wednesdays

January 2017. It's Wednesday and we have a bottle of wine. Wine Wednesdays. Drove up to our favorite parking spot on top of the parking garage. Popped down and drank some cheap wine. Giggled a little then tipsily walked downtown to get some french fries. Classy.Not.Forgetting.Sad? Nah.

35mm Random roll

2016/2017. Random photos from a random roll. Airbnb. Country club. Summer 2016.Bananas. Summer 2016. Airbnb. Country club. Tits out for harambe ??Purpz hair. November 2016.Mirrored pics in thrift shops. January 2017.Airplane rides to JFK. Window seats only. February 2017.