Basic Bio:

Gianna Lucia is a California artist who picked up and moved to New York City at the age of 17 to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. It has been a bumpy road of creating. Every piece is special and sentimental to herself and what she has gone through and experienced. Pain, Love, Heartbreak, Losing herself, Finding herself, Happiness, Depression, everything and more is expressed through her pieces. She is a self-taught artist experimenting with different medians and styles always creating something unique to fir herself.


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Instagram: Gianna.Lucia 

Not So Basic Bio:

It’s not even a question if making art is my passion. Since before I could remember (literally, I have terrible memory and can’t pinpoint an age) I was creating. I painted, drew, wrote, sewed, collaged, recorded films, snapped photos, sung etc. I remember I use to make magazines and sell them to all my neighbors and pf course they would by them because i was a cute little 5 year old or possibly they enjoyed my 100% authentic content. I would make these magazines out of construction paper and draw and write all over and used my grandma’s photo copy machine at her office. To be honest, I still really want to make a magazine/zine and create all the content (write, make the art and snap the photos.)

I grew up in a very free house hold. Not many rules and a lot of love + drama. Besides the many private schools I attended all which required me wear a plaid skirt and collared button up along with a very large handbook of rules to follow precisely. (I did enjoy that cute plaid school girl skirt though!) Besides my school, my home was very free. My whole family supports the arts and most impurely supports me as an artist and always has since i was a wee lil gigi. This love and support from my family defiantly allowed me to always create and never fear my family is going to turn on me and force me to go to Pre-Med school or some shit lol. My grandma who was an artist is my biggest support and always has. She herself is a incredible artist - our styles are quite different but i admire her work. My grandma is the women who taught me to sew at an early age of six, she taught me to paint and draw. She allowed me to express myself and artwork to the max. My family was always traveling/moving for reasons untold. So, I was always in the car or a plane sometimes even a train and have always gotten sparks of ideas and inspiration and what not from the different people, the different cultures, the way these people lived in these foreign towns. I adapted to every single town give or take a few obstacles. I couldn’t fully get down with. I am grateful for these experiences in opening my eyes and understand other people.

I love being hands on. I like doing everything from start to finish. I like being in complete control and watching my ideas come alive. Everything I create I do it all myself. It’s like a full-time job being an artist but like a fun job. I’m basically playing all day. Even the not so fun stuff like answering emails, printing shipping labels out, and dropping off packages at the post office is just as fun as making the pieces. I love the whole process. I love knowing I’m packing an item I created in my crazy head and someone somewhere anywhere in this world is interested enough to buy my piece never the less actually like it.

My style is quite diverse in my opinion. If i was to describe my artist style it would mainly fall under the “category” of abstract art but I dabble in a little of every style but whose counting. I have a vast variety something for everyone to connect to. I try and put myself out there and understand everyone and everything, and I try to create something out of it. Others may say differently. It’s always hard talking about yourself or your craft. Like obviously, I think i’m good at my craft because i like it duh. But others may not fancy it. 

I am drawn to female bodies, I think the whole female as a body is such a pure beautiful master piece. Females carry such a poise characteristic, which I adore. Our bodies are so magical. Women are these amazing creatures and I want to study and paint them as much as I can to showcase how special we are in the best manner. The female body is looked at as a sex symbol and over sexualized and it’s truly unfair that something so pure and untainted can be turned into something so dirty. Another reason I paint the female body is because of how societies treat the female body of another or of their own. We are not always kind to our bodies and sometimes we receive feedback that crushes our self esteem. I paint these bodies because our bodies are art. We are all art, each one of use uniquely “painted” with our special flaws that make us different and make us stand out. Every body is different, some short, some tall, some a little chubbier than others, some a little skinnier than others, some with stretch marks, some with acne and some with none. Each one is a piece of artwork. I try to showcase that in my art and make the viewer feel beautiful. 

 I always go back to my faces. If i can’t figure out what to create and just having a major creative block- my faces never fail me. I’m a huge people watcher. Im not creepy i swear! I just love to see all these different faces rushing somewhere. All these different faces with different worries picturing this life for them. I have a deep imagination and create scenarios for just about every single possible situation. Every face I encounter gives me inspiration to create. People give me inspiration, This city gives me inspiration. I’m inspirited to create based on these people’s faces, moods, tones, outfits, life stories, job, etc. I later bring these experiences to life. There’s so much about a person that just makes me want to create something. I moved to NYC and have been loving it due to the diversity, the inspiration, the rush, the energy, the crowd.

The evolution of my art work is my favorite thing. I learn something new everyday and Im lucky enough to be able to somehow incorporate it into my art and share it with you. My style is constantly changing which is so fun. Im always creating something that blows me out of the way. If you would like to check out my artwork i’m currently working on as well as my previous masterpieces you can check them out on www.GiannaLucia.com I would just like to thank every single person for taking the time to read this all and checking my art out. Every lovely person I encountered that has purchased art from me, given me support via a compliment/feedback, a like on IG, a shout out, a click on my site, etc. makes me the happiest girl ever. I’m so blessed to be doing what I love and sharing it with all those interested!

Xoxo, GiGi!