Fall Time

My favoriteeee season is hands down fall. I love the color orange so of course haha no but seriously fall is the perfect season. It's not too hot and not too cold just perfect. I love a lil chill. I love being warm and bundling up all cozy with a big sweater and hot chocolate. [...]


I know

I know it's stupid because we didn't know each other more than a few months I only saw you in person maybe a half a dozen times, for weeks there was so much anger between us, and the truth is we weren't ever truly a couple, but i miss it. I miss you. I keep [...]

When will it end?

They keep sending her to higher level, more expensive doctors to dissect her. To find it. Test after test. Lab results after lab results. Every time they find one thing out, they open a can of worms with a 100 new issues that are found and need to be further investigated. When will this all [...]