Some polaroid flicks

If you know me you know my obsession with photography mainly film. 35mm film and polaroids are my absolute favorite. Something about the way the photos come out no so perfect compared to digital.. like you only get one chance, no going back and clicking the “delete” button. i like that. it’s raw and real.

December 17, 2017

A casual Sunday in the apartment with babe after being out all day wondering the streets of Bushwick listening to music.. (mainly the greatful dead because tim is obsessed i tell u!)

I’ve had this polaroid wide instant camera just sitting around for who knows how long never taking photos with it because i could never find the right moments to.. but with tim the moment is always right lol is that cheesy? eh maybe a little.

tim lighting up his one hitter that funny enough looks like a cigarette.

tim took this stella photo of my body which i loveeeeee. too bad both my purple lace intimates aren’t the same shade.

giving tim credit once more for this snap. not the best, but i’m not complaining.

tim and i ❤ being in the arms of someone you truly care about makes you feel so good inside.. never have i felt this way about a boy.

i can’t stop laughing at the way our hands look. and my tits peeking in.. haha.

a messed up photo thanks to flash! should of listened to tim when he told me clicking the lightening bolt would turn flash on…. you guys can pretend you see what’s happening in this photo.. just incision two sexy lads hugging each other in front of a mirror in a slightly dark living room. there, now it’s like you didn’t miss anything!


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