First Snowfall living in NYC as an adult

Wow! My first snowfall living in New York! Today I woke up not expecting anything more than chilly ugly winter weather but was pleasantly surprised when i rolled over and saw from the slight space between the blinds and window sill that there was white falling from the sky and not just any type of white crap falling from the sky this was light fluffy white icy snow! AHHH Sure yeah i was born in New York and lived here since i was what ten years old? But basically I am a california girl, anything below 70 degrees is freezing! Snow is fascinating to me! I’m use to sunny SoCal 90 degree sunny weather all year round.

I ran outside to capture this photo of my street filled with snow, i ran out in my pajamas.. I didn’t want the snow to stop! I grabbed my winter coat and slid my sneakers on and snatched my polaroid and disposable camera that was chilling on the table on my way out! I rushed down four flights of steps as fast as i could to make it out before it stopped, of course it didn’t stop.. five hours later it;s still in full force snowing!

The whole street is filled with white fluffiness, a christmas miracle well this isn’t much of a miracle for the people on the east coast since snow is so common but for me it is miracle! lol i’m just so fascinated with it. I’ve been waiting for it to snow. I want to run and jump around and play in the snow. I wanna be a little kid and build snowmen and throw snowballs and make snow angels. I wanna forget all my worries and get lost in the snow. I want the whole city to stay inside and the streets be completely empty and white while i’m outdoors playing and freezing my ass off. I want that. I want a christmas blizzard. I want to drink hot coco with my lover all cuddled up on our couch and watch christmas movies as the snow falls outside.IMG_0720.JPG


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