He won. I lost.

all i’ll ever be to men is an object

i don’t understand.

i am more.

so much more than just tits and a vagina.

i am a human. a little girl. with feelings.

i feel.

i crave.

i hurt.

you don’t own me.

i am not your doll.

not your toy.

you don’t get to use me when it’s convenient to you.



you don’t deserve my body.

but my no’s mean nothing?

they are silenced by your hand.

muffled “no”‘s only now.

muffled no’s he doesn’t care about.

he ignores over his moans and grunts.

my resistant only turning him on more.

thrusting faster and quicker

as i wiggle my weak body, helpless underneath his strong powerful body.

trapped and helpless.

nothing i could do.

just watching it all.

dealing with it.

i can’t do anything.

i couldn’t do anything.

he won.

i lost.

the end.


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