Washington Square on Film

Guys, honestly in all of New York City my favorite favoriteeee favorite area is Washington Square Park/Greenwich area. I am just so in awe of the vibe there. First of all the park is amazing, It’s semi small like compared to Central Park but there’s some much going on music, art, creativity is flowing throughout this park and just everyone you see has this energy. I can’t explain it correctly or put it in words but to me this is my happy place. And that arch is pretty neat too! Hahah.

I first found this place from a guy I matched with on tinder and he wanted to meet under the arch and I wasn’t going to show up because uh i’m a flake but I was new to the city and he had his dog with him, sooo i went for the dog… Best decision ever because without matching with that man and him inviting me to meet up with him I may have never found Washington Square Park… well nah I would of found it but just not as soon as I did.

Anyways, I blabber to much so here’s photos I took while admiring the park and just exploring the neighborhood of Greenwich Village.

IMG_8957.JPGIMG_9106.JPGIMG_9104.JPGIMG_9103.JPGIMG_8953.JPGIMG_8983.JPGIMG_8954.JPGIMG_8950.JPGFullSizeRender.jpg-2.jpegIMG_8951.JPGIMG_8952.JPGIMG_8955.JPGIMG_8958.JPGps. sorry i apologize for the blurry photos i get anxious and excited for the pic and shake my hands and uhh end up with blurry pics hehe??


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