A Jersey summer day

Mid-August hot summer day visiting Grandma up in Jersey. Left the city for a break from the chaos and humidity. Summer in the city is awful, well it’s nice but like too many bodies in too little space, everyone’s sweating and pushing each other. and don’t even get me started about riding the subways in the summer! Ugh! Chaos. Disgusting. Just to name a few of the words that come to mind.

My grandma lives Central New Jersey, lots of farmland and space.. nothing like the city. Its nice for a day or two, but i can’t be out there for too long I go crazy! Needing to drive everywhere is not my cup of tea, I like being walking distance to seven coffee shops. I like to have options. Plus I mean I don’t drive (i know so embarrassing an 18 year old who doesn’t drive! hey that’s why i moved to manhattan where cars are not needed and i don’t feel like a failure) so living somewhere where I am walking distance to everything and anything I need is the place i need to be or at least have a subway or else I feel useless and stuck and like a little kid, when i’m very well an adult who lives alone in Manhattan. Ya feel?

Okay anywaysssssss, we drove about an hour out from my grandma’s town to Asbury Park. Cute area. Boardwalk, farmers market, cafe’s, scent of tanning lotion, and water.It was my first time here, but growing up in New York, I was at the Jersey Shore often during the summer months and this place seemed just about the same as Point Pleasant and ugh they had Ralph’s Famous Italian Ice! (my all the time fav)

Here’s a few photos I snapped:




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