The Whitney Roll

I’ve been dying to go to Whitney museum downtown mainly because a photographer mentioned how I should do a shoot there next to the pink squares because well my hairs pink and ever since I’ve been dreaming’ bout those giant pink squares!

I never really looked into the Whitney museum, I wanted to check it out because I love art and I love museums and everything and the views from the roof! But since I live in NYC i’m in no rush but I was bored one day and hopped on a subway somewhat hung over from the night before (if we’re getting personal here)  and decided to admire some artwork and I just purchased a new (new to me) film camera that I was dying to use!!


Roof top Views.IMG_8979.JPGNYC roofs are my favorite! I loveeeee looking at the city from above.IMG_8971.JPGBuildings are so cool. IMG_8970.JPGThat view of the empire state building tho.

IMG_8978.JPGViews from the opposite way.. Hoboken I see u.IMG_8972.JPGLunch with a view at the Whitney.IMG_8973.JPGTHE GIANT PINK SQUARES I WAS TALKING ABOUT (above angle view)IMG_9059.JPGThe light at the end of the hallway…on the 6th floor lols.IMG_8977.JPGBlurry snap of my outfit ❤IMG_8976.JPGUhhh a magazine pit??! I totally walked all over these for the fun of it.IMG_8974.JPGUnclear photo.IMG_8975.JPGOkay listen, I just have like shake hands! i’m sorry!! but wall of polaroids.. wows awesome. These are the types of walls I like bro.



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