Fall Time

My favoriteeee season is hands down fall. I love the color orange so of course haha no but seriously fall is the perfect season. It’s not too hot and not too cold just perfect. I love a lil chill. I love being warm and bundling up all cozy with a big sweater and hot chocolate. I love the crisp air and color changing trees.

Rusted/burnt orange is my favorite fall colored pieces. They’re so cute. Such a look while being festive. Unfortunately I’m spending quite some time in California (well not so unfortunate Southern California is beautiful) in the desert where fall doesn’t quite take place fully. We don’t get the leaves and the colors like i’m use to on the East Coast.

It’s October currently and it still feels like summer. High temperatures with a blazing sun. Some are jealous of our weather but i just want some cool breezes! The desert doesn’t cool down until Mid November. But still you don’t get the fall vibes. For now though this 98 degree weather won’t stop me from pulling my fall clothes out. I’ll sweat it out. (haha) Beauty is pain? So is fashion i guess. And this pain i’m talking about will be a heat stroke.


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