35mm Merry F-ing Christmas

December 24, 2016.

Christmas is a huge celebration in my household.

I mean we are Italians from New York.

You kinda have to be extra festive. It’s like expected.

Except this year, sadly. My family was fighting. Mainly them against me.

December was an extremely fragile month for me. I was on the verge of breaking at any sound in any moment. I felt unwanted. I called my friend up to pick me up and I left without telling them. I mean they didn’t seem to even care. 17 years and i’ve never spent a Christmas without my family. I mean to be fair I was there until about 7pm and then after dinner I just couldn’t do it.

My friend drove over almost immediately to pick me up since she was spending the holiday alone. We headed over to Desert Hot Springs where her boy toy at the time lived. It was two girls, 1 guy, a newborn husky, and a bottle of vodka. You know where I was already… baby dog and vodka. what a dream34000015.jpgMerry Christmas. Our Christmas Card for 2016.34000012 copy.jpgAlso a joint may have been involved.34000014.jpgUp close and personal.34000013.jpgPhotoshoot smoking a joint?34000011.jpgMy favorite lighter which unfortunately I lost in a girl’s bed 😦 Shoutout to the best lighter that ever existed.


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