35mm 17th Birthday

September 7, 2016.

It was my birthday.

I was just perviously in Florida and we had just road tripped back to California.

We didn’t have our house here anymore since we moved to Florida.

During this time we were hotel hopping.

Los Angeles to Palm Springs to Vegas to wherever we felt like.

Hotel prices were the same everywhere so why not go everywhere?

It’s summer anyways well kinda.

FullSizeRender.jpg.jpegToday I decided to cut off all my hair (seriously it might not look like a lot but my hair was almost down to my butt!) and also dyed it for the first time! My poor virgin hair. I remember thinking this was so short. Now look at my hair!33990007.jpgAwkward bend. No chairs in the motel. Red face. Sunburnt.33990006.jpgBlowing my candles out. Make a wish! I wish to be happy.33990009.jpgWeird cakes are kinda my thing. I also really like bananas so I got a banana flavored cake with banana chips and bananas draw on.

I remember not wanting them to write “17th” for my birthday on the cake because I was embarrassed i didn’t want people knowing i was a baby.


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