35mm Villagefest

May 12, 2017

Typically I work on Thursdays and actually don’t get the chance to head down and explore the vendors and booths at Villagefest.

Villagefest is this street fair every Thursday evening in Palm Springs it’s about 4 long blocks filled with a variety of different vendors selling all foods, clothing, hena,  etc.

As local it’s nothing spectacular to me but tourists love it.

This specific Thursday, I was given the day off. So I decided to head downtown to the fair with my siblings. (which is convenientaly only a block away from my house)

I was reminded how of my youth and how freshman year and sophomore year I would religiously come down every Thursday at exactly 6pm on the dot and wouldn’t leave until a little after 10pm when it ended. (I wasn’t allowed out much later haha 14/15 year old Gigi had a curfew)

After being downtown for a few hours we decided to stop into Great Shakes for a root beer float. (yum!)


Inside of Great Shakes. PS.

84880010.JPGAfter we got our floats we decided to head to the Palm Springs art museum which is just the next block over.


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