35mm Sutton Square

End of July 2017.

Having just recently moved from California and being a low-key beach girl, I often found myself home sick missing the beach or at least the water even though I lived surround by water.(lol)

Living Midtown, was pretty hectic with all the tourists, I search for peace and quit and found myself on my trip home from WholeFoods on 2nd Ave to instead head back to 5th to just keep going down and I needed up by the water and I just walked a little more and found this little hidden gem called Sutton Square. It was so low-key which I liked, I was alone besides for an older man reading the Sunday newspaper.

I plopped down on a bench and immediately started journalling.

I defiantly have found my new favorite spot Midtown or I guess technically it’s the Upper East Side.

86570004.JPGEd Koch Queensboro Bridge.86570003.JPGRoosevelt Island.86570005.JPGSutton Square.86570002.JPGThe block.


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