35mm iheart radio festival ’16

September 24, 2016.

4 and a half hour drive squeezed in the wrangler with way too much for a weekend away in vegas.

iheart radio music festival isn’t a huge music festival not very popular either but my family always goes every year.

It’s fun. It’s also like the only festival my mother would go to. Unlike me i love music festivals, something about the live music it makes me feel alive. Don’t get me wrong i get so much anxiety when i’m surrounded by a million sweaty drugged bodies but that’s just apart of the experience. The festival experience.

Rolling and over-heating..literally.

33990003.jpgDaytime Village stage. 9/24/16

33990002.jpgAfter a day from 10am-8pm all day jumping in the desert heat, I needed some type of food besides the over-priced burrito I had to purchase in the mist of sets. So, of course I ordered a whole pizza pie as soon as I got back to my hotel! (also look at my sick jake from state farm hat hahah)


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