35mm Central Park

July 30, 2017.

Living just a few steps from Central Park is like a dream to some, for me it was nothing special.

I didn’t really see the whole hype for Central Park, nothing too special. Just a very very large park with lots of trees.

My type of park is Washington Square Park, now that’s what I call a good freaking hip park.

Before I moved to Manhattan I had never knew tanning in parks was a thing.

I remember sipping on an iced almond milk latte with my friend, who had lived here for the past twelve years. We were in Washington Square park and he told me that it was 100% normal. I wasn’t shocked. because nothing really shocks me but rather confused.

After being accustomed to NYC’s summer tanning in parks I decided to try it myself. On this boiling hot day, in the high 90’s and full blown humidity I walked myself out of my air conditioned luxury building and headed down the street to Central Park. I tried to find sheep meadow but had no luck, like I told you it was huge! And hot so I just plopped myself down under the nearest tree with some shade. 86570010.JPGhotdogs or legs??? def my legs.86570011.JPGEssentials: journal, book (the girls by emma cline), and a cheap fan i bargained for on canal street.86570012.JPGCentral Park.86570013.JPGOther fellow tanners.86570001.JPGBefore I left to tan.86570006.JPGOh, the good stuff. My lovely double chin. Is this thing on???



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