35mm Mexico Roadtrip

April 1, 2017.

We hoped in the jeep and headed down to Mexico for the day.

Only a hasty three and a half hour car ride from Palm Springs.

For myself and my family anything under ten hours is short!

Growing up we would take road trips the four of us all the time mainly Florida to New York since we had homes in both those places.

Not too far Flagler Beach to Staten Island was only an 18 hour drive so 1 night in a hotel (since one adult and 3 children can’t really help take turns driving).

Longest road trip was from Los Angeles, California to New York! Man. Talk about getting car sick but we managed to do it multiple times! 2300 miles.

Anyways here’s some photos from my much shorter road trip down to Mexico, stopped at the Salton Sea to smell the dead fish and sulfur of course!

84870008.JPG Wish the Salton Sea was still popping like it was in the 50’s. Crazy how it’s completely deserted nowadays. Sad and unfortunate.


The long desert drive. Never ending is what it feels like.

84870005.JPGSo many vendors in Mexico on the streets, you could literally buy anything for a great deal! (seriously!)

84870004.JPGFinding coffee shops wherever I go so I can stop and journal for a little, even in Mexico.


Mexican snacks. Although I was a little sketched to consume the products myself, they did look yummy.


Lunch views from a small hidden cafe in Mexico.

84870006.JPGBack to the United States we go!





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