Not a toy

I’m not a toy,
yet everyone seems to think so.

I’m a girl.
a human.
with feelings.
you know?

Everyone thinks i’m the “newest-hottest” toy on the market.
Gives me all the love and nonstop attention
but then,
a week later or so..
a “newer” and “cooler” toy comes along
with a better sight to keep you occupied longer
and then there goes me in the trash with the other toys when you get all your plays out of them.

Totally forgotten about,
all those memories..
The long hours together ..
All completely forgotten about,
like they meant nothing.
Just because someone new came along and sparked your attention.

They forget a the end that i’m not a toy.
i’m a girl. a human.
and my feelings are now hurt.


2 thoughts on “Not a toy

  1. But what if someone wanted to treat you as such?…like a new favorite celebrity that would never went
    out of style…would you appreciate that kind of glory? Or would you run away and hide? I’d really like to know the other side to that pen who wrote with such feelings…

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    1. i don’t know. i really don’t. i’ve had it that others praised me and loved me but they always get tired and leave. everyone always leaves. no one stays. which is fine. because i don’t even know if i would like it forever. i don’t like attention. which is weird coming from a teenager in this generation whose on social media 24/7 posting for the world. i just don’t want that. i’d feel weird. a good weird? i’m not really sure. i just don’t like that feeling i get in my stomach when others are kind. i’m not use to it. i feel like everyone is out for themselves and has some motive and i’m just a little stepping stone that they have to step over to get where they want and i’ll just be a little fun on their way up. or down. i don’t know where they’re going. but anyways it would be nice obviously. i just don’t know if i would get scared from past experiences because obviously everyone starts off treating you like the golden prize. but how can you keep someone’s attention and keep them wanting you forever? you can’t. and it’s not the others fault. people just see new stuff and get curious and want to go explore and taste it. i don’t wanna just be temporary to someone and not know it. that hurts. a lot. so ya. i probably won’t know what to do and run. which is what i’m best at.. running.


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