Hey so it’s meeeee, the goddess behind it all. jk. not a goddess but an artist. I’m Gianna but most call me GiGi because well it’s easier to say and remember. I’m not really good at talking about myself but I feel like I should shed some light onto you and let you know who really is behind the screen. I’m originally from New York, currently living in Southern California. I’m a pretty down to earth chick who’s rad af if I do say so myself. I just made this blog for fun to showcase my love for art, writing, film photography and whatever else interests me in the arts. Hehe yep enjoy!18252368_130094997538292_5323140869904138240_n.jpg



I still use my childhood email address I made in 3rd grade but I feel really self conscious about it so here is another email I recently made so I don’t sound like a 7 year old made my email (which one did) :

And you guys can also follow me on the gram here and my art account which is here too. (if you want, no pressure)




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