New York City


I’ve been in a slump lately. Confused and unmotivated. Graduation creeping’ up in just a mere two weeks (crazy! i know-finally!) But with senioritis and uncertainty for my future I was slacking because I knew once May 24 comes I’m off to who knows were. For years I have always known I wanted to move back home to the Big apple and live a very¬†aesthetically pleasing life style living lavishly in an apartment in SoHo where i would walk a few blocks to a coffee shop to drinking overpriced black ice coffee and journal. When in reality if I move (if all goes as planned) I know i’ll be in a cheap 200 square foot shoe box across the city sitting in my unfurnished apartment eating ramen noodles on the floor #chinesestyle. Which honestly i’m cool with. As long as i’m in the overpriced city i will live happy.

I was always iffy with college. I always knew I would attend just where and what’s worth it was always my problem. I always went back and fourth between attending a community college versus a private school (universities never even crossed my mind). I always wanted to study art but with art i was interested in a lot… like painting, graphic design, writing, designing, fashion, photography, film. Basically want to be apart of it all because it all interested me so much which isn’t a bad thing but when choosing a major it was always a problem which led me to always put it on the back burner. I always felt so lost compared to everyone else, all the students in school knew exactly what the wanted and what school they would be attending and their major already selected 4 years in advance. And I just knew I wanted something creative, that’s it. Well today i have come to realization that I want to study graphic design (OH MY GOSH) 4 years late or 4 years late.. but hey i figured it out. Better late than never (am i right??) So now 2 weeks before I graduate I am panickly applying for colleges in New York City for Spring 2018 hoping to once again be a New York lil babe.


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