Bath Gossip 

Draw yourself a bath while you wait for the water to boil in the kettle for your herbal tea. 

Put on some old tunes, slowly shut the lights, and light a candle. 

Relaxing. Now you have your tea in one hand and your Osho book in the other you’re all set for a girls night in. 

Everyone deserves some ‘me’ time.

Don’t forget to put on your face mask! and maybe pull out your camera and snap some photos too! Even invite a girl friend over to relax with you.

Chinese food in a bath that’s bomb. New york has the literal best chinese food 10/10. Actually scratch that China probably has the best chinese food but I mean New York has to be second best. New York City is great because if you want Chinese food at 2:42am. Say no more! You have a dozen options waiting for your early morning delivery call! Ah now i’m craving chow mein and (vegan) cream cheese wontons! 

Here is a set of two photo booth photos i had taken during my lil ‘me’ time in the bath. Example A: face mask on & peppermint tea = happy happy happy! (as you can see by the hearts)
Hehe peace out my babes! Stay rad and be happy! 


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