Naked Desert Fairy

Something about the desert being so therapeutic ahhh the peaceful desert sand and the beaming sun. Can always escape to the good old Sonoran desert for a weekend away from the hectics of reality.

When i’m in the desert I feel so free like nothing can stop me here. Kinda like when people are in vegas and they say “what happens in vegas, stays in vegas” that’s what i feel in palm springs. It’s so quiet and peaceful compared to the big cities here. Lots of old people and no traffic, what more can you ask for? Just kidding that’s not the greatest thing about the desert. I mean sure the old people are chill (sometimes at least) and the no traffic part is a blessing when trying to get somewhere and it actually only being 10 minutes and not an hour! lol. But the warm sun and barren sand that goes for miles and miles really gets my mind rolling. I am my most creative when in the emptiness of nothing but dust devil she and cactuses.

While in the desert for my short amount of time before i head off to the South for a little for some ocean waves and surfs, i played around with some cowboy boots, a pug shirt, and well my bare body. My wonderfully talented sister shot some awesome photos of mwuah in the desert this beautiful monday of january 30, 2017.

Here I was pure and utterly floating, iwas so  genuinely happy. I felt like a desert fairy.. a NAKED desert fairy who owned a sick pair of cowboy boots. All i was missing was my glitter!! Sparkles are a must!! Always!

Lately i’ve been loving my natural, raw body extra. I’ve been so confident with my body and who i am as a person. I love myself and it feels great to truly love myself. I use to literally hate myself and be ashamed or too embarrassed to show skin. Now i feel so empowered by my own body, i made this sexy body sexy. My body is mine and I get the right to show it off and love it!

I hope everyone gets to travel to the desert for a much needed break from their hectic schedule and I hope when you’re in the desert your inner desert fairy comes out.

Peace out peeps. Spread love wherever y’all go. ‘Til next time xoxo.

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