Los Angeles

IMG_1862.jpgIMG_1861.jpgLos Angeles. Oh LA. How the people here think so differently from the rest of the world. Reality is not a thing here. Everyone here lives in a world of $16 juices that taste like crap and vegan + gluten free cookies. Everyone here is in their own fairy world.

No, I am not bashing LA people because quite frankly I am as close as it gets to an LA gal out of LA. I go to yoga and drink over priced juices that taste so bad I cringe every sip. Why do we do this all? Why is all of California so involved in looking like this healthy unicorn? Everyone here tries to be different and spiritual when in reality they’ll all the same. All waking up at 6 am for yoga then to the juice bar to grab a green organic juice then hop in an uber to Runyon Canyon to meet up with their tinder date.

The people in Los Angeles, well in all of California are a special type of breed for the most part we’re all so in sync with stuff that we believe is fixing us. Like everyone here in California is vegan (including me), all believe yoga an pilates is the answer, believe crystals actually have healing powers, and think drinking a $16 green organic shit smoothie is going to make you a health goddess.

Maybe, maybe all this stuff actually does work a little.. considering everyone in California is pretty attractive and fit. Los Angeles just has a special type, their stereotype is overly heathy vegan, crystal healing, yoga doer, weed smoker human being.



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