Travel essentials

Travel essentialsTraveling is always a fun, learning experience. Their are numerous ways to travel- car,bus,plane,boat,etc. For all these different ways to transport to your destination you want to be prepared for the travel time and be comfy! Whenever I travel I always pack a back pack and fill it with a ton of useful things to keep me occupied with like- my phone, phone charger, laptop, iPad, ear phones, camera/polaroid, portable charger, film, journal, passport, make up case, chap stick, body lotion, skin care essentials (face soap,moisturizer,face cream). Of course you need to pack your clothes but those go in another bag aka your suit case! This back pack is to be kept with you by your side in the car or plane. I also always like to pack a couple of snack because if you’re anything like me you’re hungry 24/7 then these will come in handy especially if your flying because let me tell you airplane/airport food is expensive! So I always carry a water bottle and some nuts and fruit to snack on throughout the trip.

I love to dress comfy and casual when traveling. I usually wear leggings and a tee shirt paired with some chuck taylors or slip ons (slip on shoes are life). I always wear my hair up and travel lightly and don’t forget to bring a sweater because it’s chilly on the airplane! I bring a make up bag with my sin case products because on long plane rides my face starts to feel yucky so I wash it and occasionally put a mask on during the flight. I love to bring my journal along with me on my trips to jot down thoughts and write about my trip. Don’t forget your passport and bring hand sanitizer traveling can be full of germs!

Safe travels to everyone traveling this summer! Enjoy your trips. Hope you enjoyed and found this article useful! ūüôā xoxo


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