Cruelty-free make up brands

Cruelty-free make up brands

Cruelty free make-up brands and a few products I really adore from them. Many people don’t think there are a lot of beauty companies that do not test on animals but there are quiet a few actually. Some of their sister companies do although tests on animals which is upsetting but what can you do. A lot of people don’t really look into the companies of their products they use everyday but many companies unfortunately are very cruel to animals testing on them. I as a fellow vegan don’t only shop cruelty-free companies (yet) I’m still searching for alternatives of my holy grail products.

Here are a few companies for you guys to know  whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just interested in cruelty free beauty companies. Even if you are not making the switch into full on cruelty free products, it doesn’t hurt to know which ones are nice to animals.

See, there are a ton of great brands that are high end and there are affordable ones you can get at the drugstore as well. There are a ton more companies that do not test on animals these were just a few I personally have used and liked.


Tarte foundation

Urban Decay lip gloss

Tarte lipstick

NYX lip makeup
$9.20 –

Pacifica lip gloss

Wet n Wild cheek bronzer
$16 –

Spf makeup

Wet n wild lipstick

Essential Lip Stain

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