September favorites

September is almost over so I decided to get my September favorite post out there now. September was/is a very interesting month for me, I tried out a ton of new products that I would love to share with you guys. Maybe you’d hear of some of the items and maybe not.

I have products that are affordable and some that are not so cheap..
1.) Pinner Test – wow this stuff is crazy awesome! Pinner test is a test you take at home where you take a sample of your blood yourself and send it back to this lab. The blood sample somehow tells you what makes you sick and what makes you gain weight. How awesome is that?! Yes.. It is more on the pricey side.. $490. But very well recommended it’s a great splurge if you get sick after eating certain things but not knowing what?

• Here is a short video of me using my pinner test.. (Sorry for the sound, I’m afraid of pointy stuff) Drum roll …..

It wasn’t even pointy guys.. It’s a super fast procedure. All you need to do is push that little green thing they gave you on your finger and it will start to bleed then make sure the blood gets in the little paper they give you! You can purchase a set for yourself, just click here.

2.) Teami Blends is always a favorite for me. I love the tea dearly. It works amazing. It says to make your metabolism faster and for your bloating to go away. They also have a few other types of teas that focus on specific things like weight loss or sleep. They are reasonably priced for tea. I also have a promo code for 10% off “GIANNA10” which you can add at check out.
3) Trash Queens is a rad online store. They have a ton of cool items for everyone. Everything is reasonably priced and cool.
4) Benefit “they’re real!” mascara. I’ve used this mascara in the past then stopped, I don’t know why. I fell in love with it all over again. Previously I was using benefit roller lash which is also amazing!! They’re both around $24 and both can be purchased at Sephora.
5) Elf HD lifting concealer. I picked up a quick little concealer at Target, I don’t usually wear elf make up but I decided to give it a try. I originally got it for under my eyes but it was the same tone as my face instead of it being a tad lighter. So I used it as an all over concealer and it worked just like my nars radiant creamy concealer. I defiantly recommend for people who want to try or need a new nars concealer to try the elf one instead. This I believe was $3 vs Nars $29.
6) Adidas Superstars are defiantly my favorite show purchase this month. I’ve been seeing them on everyone and was a little scared to purchase them incase I couldn’t rock them. I’m glad I took the risk in purchasing them. They were about $90 which I purchased them online from Urban Outfitters.

7) Ms. Soho three day lip plump. I just ordered this online and have yet to try it. I have heard many good reviews for Ms. Soho so hopefully they make my lips look luscious and plump. I’ll keep you guys updated on if this actually works! This store is only online and they have other face products and masks on their website.
8) The Good Girl by Mary Kubica is a book I recently picked up. I haven’t read much but so far I’m liking it. It’s pretty interesting, it’s about a young girl who goes missing by a creepy guy whose been watching her for a while now. I’m not really a book person but I love to read. It’s very hard for me to find a good book. If you guys have any recommendations for books please let me know in the comments!
That is it for my September Favorites.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


12 thoughts on “September favorites

    1. I have not received my results back, I just shipped them a few days ago. I think if you have the money you should defiantly give it a try especially if you get sick after eating but not sure what food it is.


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