Pool Day Favorites 


I live in Southern California so it pretty much never rains and in the summer it gets in it’s 100’s where I live which for me means spending almost everyday at my pool.         I personally love to tan so I usually sit out in the sun for an hour or two tanning before I literally start melting from the heat then I hop into my pool to cool off. I currently use Austrian Gold dark tanning oil which smells lovely and can be purchased almost anywhere. I don’t know about you but I’m in love with the smell of tanning oils, just something about the smell makes me so happy.

A pool is no fun without some floats! Am I right? I love to hop onto my donut pool float ($29) which I purchased from Urban Outfitters and get a friend to spin my around and push me around the pool, 10/10 recommend it.

A day at the pool is never complete until you snap some pictures for Instagram. I defiantly recommend purchasing an underwater camera for yourself. It defiantly makes pool days a hundred times better! Also recommend purchasing a Polaroid camera because Polaroids are just so rad. I currently own the Fujifilm mini instax 8 ($100 at Urban Outfitters) and adore it.

Towels, towels, towels! My favorite towels are from Sand Cloud. They are an awesome company, they donate 10% of their profit to protect marine life and the towels are amazing. I own the Mandala towel ($47) which is huge and very boho looking as well as the Sea foam Festival Bag Towel ( $65) How awesome is that?! A towel that turns into a bag!  They’re a little pricy for towels but they are very nicely made and they are all about saving and protecting marine life.


7 thoughts on “Pool Day Favorites 

  1. Wow how’d u get so tan? Is it because of the Austrian gold tanning oil because damn! I need that in my life! I’m white as a ghost 😮


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