Day off Essentials 

My day offs usually consist of my sitting at home listing to some records while I drink my tea from Teami Blends which is an amazing tea. I totally recommend this tea to everyone. Their tea is like a detox tea but you can still eat whatever you like. This tea doesn’t only taste good for the tea lovers but it also helps increase your metabolism, removes bloat from the stomach, improves your skin, cleanse and detoxify your internal organs and so much more! On the website you will see there are many teas that target different things which most of there teas range from ($19.99-$29.99) if you would like to order a pack I have a promo code for 10% off which is “gianna10”

Next I use my jealous body scrub. I defiantly recommend buying Jealous Body Scrub This scrub smells amazing! Not only does it smell great but your skin feels so exfoliated and soft afterwards. I defiantly recommend this. These scrubs come in 7oz brown bags, they last forever. My favorite scrub from them is there original coconut + coffee one, but they also have four others. They are all very economical at $17.95 for a bag that lasts forever. I really like that their scrub is all natural. They are also Vegan so that’s awesome! This scrub exfoliate your skin while helping to heal scars and stretch marks.

  A photo from my instagram where I have a couple of vinyl record and my turntable, along with my two packs of my Teami Blends (Teami colon and Teami skinny) Of course,I have my pink fujifilm instax mini 8 polaroid camera from Urban Outfitters out to snap some pics.Peep this picture I posted on my instagram of me using my lovely coconut+coffee scrub from Jealous Body.


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