The tourist look

The tourist look

It’s summer which means vacation! Vacation usually means being a tourist in a super rad place! So as a tourist you usually wanna have a camera to capture the moment in the new setting and of course upload to Instagram and Twitter! My favorite camera right now is the Polaroid instant mini camera! Polaroids are so awesome but you don’t need a Polaroid to be an awesome tourist any camera works even your phone camera is great!

Backpacks are great while on vacation, I mean who wants to carry a bag when you can have a super cute backpack? I think see thru bags are awesome especially if you carry adorable stuff so everyone can see 😉 but these bags aren’t for everyone as some people like to keep what’s in their bags private! Lol!

Wear comfortable shoes!! You’re on vacation so you’re gonna be exploring a lot which means walking a lot! So wear comfy sneakers or shoes that won’t give you blisters and kill the circulation in your feet! If you don’t want to wear running shoes which are recommended for walking a lot, I personally think the Adidas superstar sneakers are rather comfy for walking around a lot. Plus they’re really cute, so that’s a plus!

I suggest wearing a hat and/or sunglasses if you’re someplace sunny.


7 thoughts on “The tourist look

  1. Awesome post, I’m going on vacation this week and before I go in gonna try to find and buy all the clothes and accessories in the picture


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