How to choose the perfect swimsuit

Hottest bikini styles this Summer
It’s summer time which means time is going to be well spent in bikinis! Bikinis are fairly cheap for a good pair or they can be pretty pricy, just depends where you purchase them from. Which is something I will talk about in this post along with some trendy bikini styles. You don’t need some hot body to feel good in a bikini or swimsuit, it’s more about the bikini itself that makes you look bomb. Pick a style that suits your body well and a color that makes your skin look glowing.
There’s tons of styles to choose from! You can always go with a simple bikini, just a plain color top and bottom. Which you can really never go wrong with a plain color, you can mix and match colors. It’a more about choosing the bikini cut. You want to get a cut that makes everything look good (-; Some bikinis are very unflattering on certain people because of the cut while on others is a gem. Make sure the top and bottom fits correctly so it doesn’t look like it’s squeezing something or making something look saggy!
With bottoms you can go from anywhere from basically a thong to boy shorts. For less coverage bottoms you can always with a brazilian or cheeky bottom. (As seen in my most recent Instagram post)Just depends the person and body type. Or if that isn’t for you, you can always choose from tons more style that show way more coverage. There’s the traditional triangle bikini bottom, or the hipster bikini bottoms, or scrunched bottoms which show a little booty but not too much! Then there’s also high waisted bottoms as well showing pretty much full coverage for your behind.
For bikini tops they are usually easy although there are a ton more styles to choose from, they are easier to find flattering to your chest. There are many different styles, here are a few popular tops such as the halter tops, basic triangle tops, one strap tops, fringe tops, bandeau, criss cross and many more to choose from.
The bikinis listed above are a little on the expensive side but you can defiantly find much more affordable dups at Forever 21 starting at $5, Pacsun starting at $15, Target starting at $10, Tilly’s starting at $15, Sears starting at $15, Macy’s starting at $20, and many more places.
Some places I recommend purchasing from if you want to splurge on a more expensive swimsuit are, Acacia Swimwear (which I defiantly recommend! Especially if you’re looking for less coverage bottoms!) Mikoh (very similar too Acacia) Urban Outfitters,Frankies BikinisNeiman Marcus, and Topshop.
Bikinis are easy to find in the store just be sure to take your time to explore all possible chooses for your body!

Givenchy swim suit
$150 –

Lisa Marie Fernandez swim suit
$380 –

Mara Hoffman bikini swimwear
$320 –

Ack bikini swimsuit

Agent Provocateur tankini swimsuit top
$195 –

Agent Provocateur string bikini
$195 –

Swim suit

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